Cathay™ Fluoropolymer Films

Cathay™ Fluoropolymer Films

Cathay™ Fluoropolymer Films

The unique properties of Everflon™ and Cathay™ films make them useful for many diverse applications. These transparent, thermoplastic films can be heat-sealed, die-stamped, oriented, thermoformed, vacuum formed, heat bonded, welded, metalized, and laminated with many other materials like elastomers and plastics. They can also be used as hot-melt adhesives.

These non-wetting, non-charring films have no electrical tracking and offer:

Chemical compatibility, inertness, and solvent-resistance to nearly all chemicals

Superior anti-stick and low frictional properties with high resistance to impact and tearing

Useful physical properties at cryogenic temperatures

Long-term weather resistance, including a high transmittance of ultraviolet radiation and other radiation (except for far infrared [FIR])

These films come in a variety of gauges and surface treatments.


Everflon™ and Cathay™ films can be used for various applications, including:

Composite part mold release

Cable insulation

Anti-corrosive linings

Photovoltaic cell glazing

Nonstick roll covers

Anti-graffiti coverings

Rupture disks

Erasable surface coverings

High-frequency microwave circuitry

Fuel hose permeation barriers

Pharmaceutical cap liners

Hot-melt adhesives

Sterile packaging