Everflon™  Fluoropolymers

Everflon™ Fluoropolymers

Everflon™ and Fluoropolymer Division specializes in the production, development, and sales of high-performance fluoropolymer materials. It provides the most basic fluoropolymer raw materials for C&F Group's fluo-rochemicals. After years of research and development and production, it is currently PTFE, FEP,PFA,ETFE and PVDF materials, and can provide a variety of physical properties of dispersions, granules and powder to meet the needs of various processing applications such as spraying, extrusion, molding, injection molding.

Everflon™ high performance fluoropolymers are widely used in various industries, such as electrical and electronic, chemical, mechanical, and medical, food, environmental, and other fields, to produce wire and cable, lining valves, pipes, fibers, coatings, and Various products such as film.

Relying on the Group's Quality Assurance Department and Application Laboratory, Everflon™ provides the highest quality and stable fluoroplastic raw materials to meet the high quality requirements of middle and high-end customers and reduce the quality of raw materials caused by production and processing. Problems such as rising costs and inefficiency have established extensive and stable cooperative relations with main-stream manufacturers at home and abroad.

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